The Grandmaster

Sifu Wong Kiew Kit

Sifu (Master) Wong Kiew Kit is the founder of the international Shaolin Wahnam Institute.

He has taught the Shaolin arts of Zen, Chi Kung and Kung Fu throughout the world for over 40 years. For his teaching efforts as well as many successes in healing using Chi Kung, he was awarded “Best Qigong Master of the Year” at the second World Qigong Congress in San Francisco in 1997.

He named his Shaolin Wahnam institute after his two teachers Sifu Lai Chin Wah and Sifu Ho Fatt Nam. The lineage of both of these teachers can be traced directly back to the southern Shaolin Temple in the Fujian province of China.

Wong Kiew Kit:

"The techniques of every style of Kung Fu (including Taijiquan) exist as a result of their use in combat. They are not, no matter how flowery they may seem to the uninitiated, meant to please spectators."

"In our school, we cannot just talk. We must be prepared to walk our talk."
— Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Sigung Lai Chin Wa:

"Every single piece a masterpiece"

Sigung Ho Fatt Nam:

"If you want to soar to the heights and reach the depths of Kung Fu, you must practice Chi Kung; if you want to soar to the heights and reach the depths of Chi Kung, you must practice meditation."