Seminars with Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt

Seminar 2019 in Moscow

Cultivation of the DAO

Dao Yin, Qi Gong, Nei Gong and Neidan/ Zazen|

Saturday, 16.02.201
Recovery and consolidation, exercises body, energy, mind
Sunday, 17.02.201

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Shaolin and Dao ARTs seminar at ZEN Monastery

Retreat from daily life calm down, relax and spend your valuable time for spirituell cultivation.
Main emphasis this time Dao Yin, Qi Gong, Nei Gong > internal cultlivation.

Following program is offering Meditation / Zazen, Chi Kung and Taijiquan leaded by Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt and Dharma talks with Roshi the abbot of the monastery.

DatesMay 9th - 12th 2019
Fee350.- €

Attention only limited space at the monastery!

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Shaolin Mountain Retreat Switzerland 2019

In this week beginners and advanced practitioners can take part.

Beginners will strengthen the base and the advanced practitioners will deepen their Level.

Daily Timetable: Meditation, Breakfast, Qi Gong, Taijiquan, Lunch, break, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Meditation

Training times are 7.00 am - 6.00 pm, including breaks.

Taijiquan: "Wudang Taij",
Kung Fu: " coming soon"
More information soon

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DatesJuly 20th - 27th Wudang Taijiquan / 27th - August 3th Shaolin Kung Fu
Price650,- € inclusive accommodation
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Special Shaolin ARTs Training at Tobago Caribbean

Shaolin ARTs Training in Tobago.
Train at wonderful beaches Taijiquan and Shaolin Kung Fu.
Beside we will have daily Zen Meditation with sun uprising scenario followed from Chi Kung/Qi Gong.

Morning Taijiquan: "White Crane Flaps Wings set"
Afternoon Kung Fu: "Tiger- Crane set"

You will have enough time for beach, snorkeling, roundtrips etc.

DatesJuly 5th - 10th
Fee650.-€ if booked and payed till April 30th after 715.-€, exclusive flight and accommodation

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Shaolin Warrior Project

DatesJanuary 216st & 27th2pm-7pm & 10am - 4p
Price250,- €
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ContentHow to use tactic and strategy in using Kung Fu against other martial arts, learn Kung F
echniques and Kung Fu combination for real self- defenc

Healthy and vital through the four seasons

Each season has its own biological and energetic characteristic.
Seasonal and cyclical changes in the vital activities of all organisms can directly influence each other.
Health care and longevity have to be recognized. The body has to be adjusted accordingly.

In TCM, the effects of the four seasons and climatic changes are very important on the human body .
According to the Daoist theory, philosophy and classical Chinese medicine, the individual phases can be assigned to lifestyle factors.
These seasonal lifestyles contain certain passivity, sleeping, eating and activity behavior.

The following seminar modules are assigned to the respective seasons, and thus include specific seasonal tips to life, to food and also for Chi Kung.
Participants are instructed to implement these seasonal principles at home. There are no prerequisites required for this seminar.
The modules can be booked individually or in packages.

Spring module Sunday, 2017, 14-18 clock
Summer module Sunday,2017, 14-18 clock
Autumn module Sunday, 2017, 14-18 clock
Winter module Sunday, 2017, 14-18 clock

course fees:

1 module100€/ 80€ (for members Wahnam FrankfurtBooking Number 12017
2 modules190€/ 150€ (for members Wahnam Frankfurt)Booking Number 22017
3 modules280€/ 220€ (for members Wahnam Frankfurt)Booking Number 32017
4 modules360€/ 270€ (for members Wahnam Frankfurt)Booking Number 42017

Special Warrior Project in Thailand

Exercising on the beach on the beautiful island of Koh Chang. Kung Fu at the morning and Tai Chi at the afternoon is offered, the other is an early morning guided meditation at sunrise on the beach followed by Chi Kung.
The Special Warrior Project will take place in November and it is a five-day seminar. Between the units enough time for hammock, boat trips, snorkeling, collecting shells, etc..
Training sessions each day will be about 6 hours. Also trained with the resources of the beach, such as palm trees, coconuts, sand, water, etc. The Kung Fu lessons conducted from Sifu Kai Uwe and the Taiqiquan lessons from Sifu Robin.
For more information don΄t hesitate to contact us.

Datesfor 2018 coming soon
Price600,- € / 5 days Warrior Program
Registrationvia Email our secretary Karo: