Qi Gong- Chi Kung Frankfurt

Shaolin Chi Kung/ Qi Gong Frankfurt
with Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt

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Shaolin Chi Kung
Basic course "Generating Energy Flow"

The participants will be taught to generate the free inner Chi Flow. By this Chi Flow blockages and imbalances can be resolved. This also prevents diseases or helps overcoming them, promotes health and increases vitality. This is the fundamental task of Chi Kung.

DateAugust 26th, 2018
TimeSunday, 2pm-6pm
LocationShaolin Wahnam Institute Frankfurt
Costs100 Euro (90 Euro for members of Wahnam Frankfurt)

Shaolin Chi Kung Level 3
"Sinewmetamophosis, Yi Jin Jing" Part I

Exercises 1-6 "

Contents: Origin, philosophy, history of chi gung Yi Jin Jing, specific exercises to develop "Internal force" for becoming more healthy and vital for gaining mental clarity, concentration, and better focus in live.

Goal: After the course, the participants will be able to put together their own program of exercises according to individual needs.

DateMarch 3rd 2015, 6 evenings
Time8.30pm - 9.30pm
LocationShaolin Wahnam Institute Frankfurt
Costs120 Euro (100 Euro for members of Wahnam Frankfurt)
RequirementBasic course or CK 1 or CK2

Chi Kung Level 6
"Cosmic Shower"

Datecoming soon in 2014
Time10-12.30 & 2.30-5pm
LocationShaolin Wahnam Institute Frankfurt
Costs220€/ 180€ for members of Wahnam frankfurt
RequirementChi Kung Level 5

//We follow the example expressed by a past Shaolin master: “First let chi flow (be healthy) then build chi (internal force)”. Sinew Metamorphosis is made up of twelve exercises and is taught in two courses six exercises each.//