Kung Fu for Children and Youth

Course contents

Learning kung fu at a young age has a long tradition in China. Kung fu training particularly enhances motor skills, increases the ability to concentrate and helps to develop life force or chi. Students also learn to become comfortable in their own bodies, find out what they are capable of and to have a well-concentrated mind (shen), as well as to build their inner strength (kung) in Zhan Zhuang (stance training).

Learning how to fall safely in every direction gives the students a sense of confidence, because they have learned how to optimally divert energy, and as a result they can fall down or trip without any resulting pain or injury. Rolling, falling, jumping, standing securely on one leg, handstands, cartwheels and balancing are just a few examples of the monkey-style skills that the children will learn.

Beginners are not allowed to use what they learn with a partner until they are proficient in the Shaolin techniques of attack and defense.

The general coursework includes the basic techniques of the “Five Animals”, as well as chi kung (life force exercises) and meditation (Zen/Chan). Each of the five animal styles has its own special influence on the body (Jing), life force (Chi) and mind (Shen).

A student of Shaolin must go through training in stages. Each level has its own particular focus and once the student is proficient in this, he or she may start the next level. These levels are parallel to the kung fu program for adults, but the individual levels are longer.

Training is primarily carried out in German, but we can accommodate students who speak English as well.

Shaolin Kung Fu
for children and youth 8 years and older

TimeWednesdays, 4:00-5:00 pm – not during school holidays
RegistrationStudents may begin at any time

Students can try their first lesson free of charge.